The Quarter Life Crisis

Here we are. It’s 2017. The ten-year anniversary of Britney Spears’ very public meltdown and now you finally understand it. It makes so much sense to you now. It makes sense because you, my dear, are probably experiencing your very own Quarter Life Crisis.

What is the Quarter Life Crisis you ask? It’s something old people try to convince us doesn’t really exist. Just another thing us “entitled millennials” complain about if you ask them.

So, you’ve just turned 25 or are about to and then it hits you. You realize you haven’t done all the things you told yourself you’d accomplish when you were 25. In some weird attempt to escape your thoughts, you pick up your phone and you open Facebook, scroll down and you see a picture of a sonogram that reads “I can’t wait to meet you”. Or a hand with the caption that reads “I said yes” Chances are the last time you said yes was to the Chipotle employee when they asked if you wanted to guac with your bowl. And you realize you let your eight-year old self down. You don’t have your dream car, or the corner office with the amazing view and you still work weekends. You’re probably trying to figure out where I’m going with this, I’m getting there.

At eight you didn’t know the economy was going to be trash nor did you understand how inflation worked. You don’t have your dream car or any car for that matter because you probably have no license. That corner office, forget about it. It’s probably occupied by an old person who is trying to convince you that all the problems you had are made up and you should stop feeling entitled because (s)he worked for everything they have now. I’ll let you in on a little secret, you’re exactly where you need to be. You’re uncomfortable and that’s exactly what you need to change your circumstances.

At 25, you’re probably not fiscally responsible enough to even share your finances with a spouse and I can almost guarantee you don’t even know why babies get ear infections. (Also, I have enough nieces and nephews to ensure babies are not as fun as they appear in the viral videos.) That’s fine you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. Spend this time getting to know yourself before you have to share yourself with other selves. Travel the world. Become a better cook. Read some books (possibly one that’ll explain ear infections). The possibilities are endless.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you I’ve got news for you darling face, Britney was married and two kids when she lost her marbles. She was also, you guessed it, twenty-five. Britney went through that so you wouldn’t have to. Be grateful and learn from her. So, sit down, mind your business, and stop transferring money from your savings to your checking.  Just remember Vera Wang didn’t make her mark on the world until she was 40. You got this.



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