When My Demons Come to Town 

I don’t take Xanax to replace the weed See Xannys is what I need 

To keep up with the speed 

of my demons as we dance

You see I’ve learned not to fight my demons 

They only grow stronger 

and with each round, the fight
 it grows longer

It’s like they know. They’ve learned my fighting style. 

I’ve been doing it a while. 

Fighting the demons of mine 

They sat me down and I decided to reason with them. 

Acknowledged I needed them 

and if I entertained them soon I’d be free again

I’d be me again

But it came with a price 

I’d have to let them in a for a few nights 

Just once a while. 

They’ll drop by and we’d dance until I think I’ll die 

I chose the punch from the bowl instead a punch to the nose because face it dancing won’t kill me its all I know 

I miss ballet and shit 

so why not let them stay a bit 

I’ll pop some percs so my feet won’t hurt and the lean it makes my body numb 

So much the dancing becomes fun 

It’s okay I’ll hold it down 

But if you ever see the green bottles just know my demons are coming to town 
Mental health is extremely important. There are people who are fighting their own demons on a daily basis. A little goes a long way. You never know how much a small gesture can mean to someone. 


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