Is This Love? 

A few days ago, I was asked to lend my opinion to a fellow blogger. I was posed the with question of whether one can be in love with two people at same time. Of course my response was no, because how can that logically make sense. As I wrote my response I found my standpoint on this changed. 

Initially I thought how can you love me and love her? Did you develop these feelings of love for the second person or are they just a transference of feelings from the first one? Granted we both awaken different parts of your soul but why would you be okay with splitting your soul into multiple pieces? Would that not change how intensely you loved either of these two people? To my knowledge the only way to split the soul multiple times is murder (Lord Voldemort and his horcruxes). So in a sense you’re killing the people you love. Once more I ask, how are you okay with this? 

The more I wrote, the more I became devils advocate. I thought maybe we’re doing it wrong. This love thing. Maybe love is cursed by monogamy. Why is okay for me to love bacon and cheesecake but it’s unacceptable for me to love Sean and Joseph? No one asks me if cheesecake means more to me than bacon. Or forces me to have one for the rest of my life with one or the other of the food choices, so why can’t this apply to Sean and Joseph? Corinthians in the bible says “love isn’t selfish”. By that measure wouldn’t asking me to love only you romantically invalidate this? 

After asking myself all these questions I found I forgot to ask myself the most important one. What is love? How do you define it? That’s when it hit me. I figured out where the confusion comes in. You don’t look up the definition to words you think you already know the meanings for. What part of speech is love? 

Is it a noun? Example : Find love soon

Or is it a verb? As in “I love you”. 

Is it an adjective? 

That there makes all the world of difference. 

Love is an action. It’s something you have to do actively. People oftentimes think about about whether they love someone or not. Thinking about it no longer makes it a feeling. You don’t think about it. You just feel it. Love is simply energy.


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