Keeping Your Balance: Don’t Let The Mind Outweigh The Heart 

Throughout my life, I’ve learned it’s a gift and curse to feel everything deeply. As I’ve matured, emotion has become my favorite double edged sword. However, I see more and more people showing disdain toward emotion. Not one day goes by without me seeing or hearing someone complaining “being in their feelings”. Whether it’s them personally or someone else, showing emotion is deemed a bad thing. 

This confuses me. There isn’t one emotion, although Derrick Rose might have you believe  otherwise. (See Chart 1.)

 Chart 1 
You don’t think you’re in danger, you feel you’re in danger. You don’t think you’re hungry, you feel you’re hungry. If you ask anyone that you hear complaining about people being in their feelings, they’ll most likely give you some long winded answer as to why feelings are stupid. I promise you it’ll most likely be a bunch of crap and in their minds their fighting not to respond 


Now I can explain this one of two ways. The first way I can take the neuroscience route,  and tell you lack of use of this part of your brain over long periods of time leads to programmed cell death WHICH ultimately makes you a subpar human BUT I would make you feel like you’re in a lecture hall AND I really would like you guys to keep reading my pieces.☺️ Sooooooo I’ll take the other route.☝🏾️ 

(Please read the last section as a mini rant and excuse the fact that it is a giant run on sentence. Thank you😅) 

 Through my observations, I have found “being in one’s feelings” to be associated with negative things. Oftentimes, the humans with the feelings are considered “frail” or “weak”. They’re usually seen as crybabies and everything is a tragedy in their minds. Mr. Aubrey Graham has recently shown the world otherwise.  

As a member of the #FutureHive, I can tell you emotion is needed. Sir Future Hendrix gave us three beautiful pieces of work (Beast Mode, Monster and 56 Nights) fueled mostly off emotion. Emotion is necessary to produce art. You need to be in touch with your feelings. You still connect with Drake’s Take Care because it makes you feel. Without ever being in your feelings, you’re merely a drone. Even the gargoyles showed emotions. 

What I think people mean is there needs to be a balance between logic and emotion. You need logic to know its not a good idea to eat when in the restroom even though you feel hungry. The issue is you’re putting too much thought into feeling. 

 Some people are more in tune with logic than they are with emotion. The amount of logic or emotion used usually determines who becomes accounts or artists. So it’s not a crime because someone feels more than you. However it is a crime to tell yourself or anyone else not to feel. It’s actually inhumane. 

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of one of my new favorite quotes;

 “See the mind is trickster. But your heart will never lie to you. You speak to them from your brain, but they hear you from their heart. Life is a feeling process.” 

-Big Sean’s father, Win Some, Lose Some found on Dark Sky Paradise 


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