Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number 

So for the past couple of years, I’ve noticed the term “Jordan year” being tossed around. For those of you who don’t know what that means, see image below. 
Now by the definition given by Urban Dictionary, the term doesn’t really seem to work. It also leaves room for lots of questions. Jordan also wore the No. 45, so do we get two Jordan years? Is your Kobe year 24 or was it 8? Will I never get to be Russell Westbrook because his number is 0? 
 More often than not, people’s 23rd year seems to suck. It’s the weird middle between 21 and 25. You can buy alcohol all by yourself but you still need a consigner to rent a cool car. You’re too old to do the things you once did but too young to do what it is that you really want. So how can this really be your “best” year? And why is that we chose Jordan to be the representative for the number 23? I’ll attempt to answer you. 

Plenty of people have worn the No. 23 before Sir Michael Jordan has and plenty of people have done so after. So why aren’t they used as depictions of the age 23? Darius Miles wore 23 and in my opinion is ultimately the reason LeBron (another gentleman who wears the No. 23) went to Cleveland; has the most bittersweet story of the people to bear the number. A budding high school star who didn’t live up to the expectations of the world once he made it professionally. Or take a look at Anthony Davis. He has the potential to become the next superstar but he just needs to work on a few more things to master his craft. Honestly there are more Darius Miles’ and Anthony Davis’ in the world than there are Michael Jordans. 

Sorry for the little tangent about basketball but that brings back me to the topic at hand. Your Jordan year isn’t when you turn 23, it’s when you revolutionize the game. It’s when you inspire people to do what it is that you do. It’s when you’ve made your mark on the world and it becomes permanent.   

In all honesty, Jordan’s “Jordan year” wasn’t even HIS “Jordan year”. Very few worth mentioning changed their realm of art at age 23. If you don’t believe me ask Oprah, Mark Cuban, or J.K. Rowling. Before you guys continue to emasculate the legacy left by Sir Michael Jordan remember the words of the dearly departed Aaliyah “age ain’t nothin but a number”. 

With that I say to you once more, it’s not about how long, it’s about how well. Think about it this way, what happens when you’re 25? Do you not play the game with the same passion and integrity? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to reach Jordan caliber at the tender age of 23. Just remember, if you’ve reached you peak at 23, you’re not living up to your potential. 


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