Stay Hungry My Friends 

I lost it” Everyone has said this at least once in their lives. People lose things all the time. They lose keys. They lose money. Just about anything you can think of can be lost. 

Throughout our lives we’re taught some system or way in which you can find things we’ve lost. Try to remember the last time you had the thing you’re looking for. Retrace your steps. Look everywhere. Keep calm while looking. Take a break. Ask for help. This method usually works. Either you find the thing or you figure you’ve lost forever. 
Happiness however doesn’t work that way. It’s not forever lost and you definitely don’t find your happiness the way you lost it. The issue is we’re taught something about some “key to happiness“. Truth is there is no key and you honestly wouldn’t want there to be one. Keys are made in an instant. There is no instant happiness. Imagine unlocking a door and then you’re surrounded by happiness. Sounds all fine and dandy. That is until you remember locks can be changed. One day the key that unlocks your “happiness” might not work. Once you accept this idea of said key you allow others to assume control over your life. 

In life, happy and hungry are closely related. (Hangry; anger fueled by hunger is real thing.) Once you get food, you’re the happiest kid in all the land. So let’s think of happiness the way we do food. No matter how full you are at the moment you know it’s not going to last for the rest of you life. You’re eventually going to have to eat again and you’re going to ensure that you can always find food. The amount of happiness you have at this given moment isn’t going to last forever. You’re going to have to make decisions to ensure that you can always find happiness. Get hangry for your happy. 
The phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is worded just so for a reason. It is only you decide to do the third will you truly obtain the first two. 

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