Don’t Think Pink. Bellow Yellow!

“If you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at best.” 

                                           -Marilyn Monroe
This is quote that I see thrown around on the Internet on a constant. Although this is a shortened version of the original quote, it’s still a great one nonetheless. Norma Jean (Ms Monroe’s birth name) is no role model of mine but it’s a great quote. It promotes self-worth and acceptance of self. Which, if you ask me, are possibly the best accessories any woman can wear. So where’d this pink starburst business come from? Because a lot of the women I see post this quote believe they are pink starbursts.

(Here’s the starburst madness I was referring to.) 
What’s the obsession with pink starbursts anyway? What makes them better any other flavor? Who told you this was even true? Why do you personally prefer the pink ones over the other flavors?
Most people like pink starbursts and don’t even know why. They just like them because it’s the cool thing to do or whatever. Pink starbursts are boring in my opinion. They’re all sweet and pleasant all the time. Where’s the fun in that? Everyone isn’t a pink starburst. Truth is everyone isn’t going to like you as much they like a pink starburst. 
Be a yellow starburst. Be the yellowest starburst that you can be. They’re tangy and awesome. A little surprise every time. Be that. Everyone isn’t going to like you. You’re not going to be everyone’s favorite. But guess what?! When you find someone who loves yellow starbursts you’re going to be super happy because they’ll love you for you. 
Don’t aim for the norm or for everyone to like you. Be you. The worst parts of you are also your best parts. Just like the tangy part of the yellow starburst

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