It’s Lenten Season! Open for All!

Happy Ash Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed your Mardi Gras and are ready to start your Lenten season.

I was raised Catholic so celebrating Lent is like breathing for me at this point in time. For those of you who don’t know Lent is the forty days and nights before Easter in which we prepare for Easter. During these days we fast from foods as well as festivities in a form of penance. We also focus on prayer and charity. I was taught to give up something that would be considered an indulgence or vice.

( it’s probably making a lot more sense as to why the day before is Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday in English. And yes today is the day we get the black crosses on our foreheads. )

I usually give up bacon or cheesecake or something along those lines. This year, I thought it’d be better to give up a bad habit like procrastination or nail biting. Perhaps you’re a frivolous spender. Work on those things.

It’s okay if you’re not Christian, you can still participate. Don’t think of it as a religious thing; think more along the lines of spirituality. Revisit your New Years’ Resolutions and if you haven’t been doing so well think of Lent as sort of a do over. Use the next six weeks to help you on your journey to reach your better self.

Oh and if you slip up a little bit, just start over. It’s fine. Remember, mistakes are forgiven. If not, how else will you reach self actualization?


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