The Greater Equal


All men are created equal. The word to pay attention to in that sentence is not equal, but created. All humans are created equal. All humans came from a sperm and an egg. That is what that means.

As you grow, you become different. Some people will be taller than you, some shorter. Some will be lighter than you some darker than you. On this scale humans have created, some people will be less than you some people greater. You’re probably reading this thinking “um okay I know this. What’s your point?”

My point is everything is fine until you come to realization that you might be above most humans on said scale. When you’re aware that you are above people, you become “arrogant” to the other humans. You never seen an arrogant lion before; although all the animals know he’s the king of the jungle. So why is it if we all know one human is greater and said human acknowledges said greatness, they’re seen as arrogant?

It all has to do with comfort. No one is comfortable with the idea of losing. That’s how we get phrases like “winning isn’t everything” even though we’ve been keeping score the whole time. No one is comfortable looking up at the scoreboard and noticing they’re not even close to winning.

There will always be people beneath you. Whether your ability to rise to the top is innate or you trained yourself to be able to do so, someone will always be beneath you. The masses will tell you to humble yourself. They’ll tell you it’s not “nice” to say you’re better. By the same token if you dumb yourself down, they say you aren’t living up to your potential.

Be who you are. You might step on some toes. You might hurt some feelings. But in the end the only person who loses is you if you decide not to be all you can be. “Be humble” is something people who aren’t good at anything tell you. Why is it okay for some one else to say you’re great but it’s an issue when you do it? We can’t all win. Stop this foolishness. Some people have to lose and you have to beat them. Don’t think for a second if they could do what you do, they’d take it easy on you. Flourish. You don’t see Michael Phelps swimming any slower.


One thought on “The Greater Equal

  1. I have to take issue with your use of the word “great” here. I agree some have to be better at some things than others, but what makes a person “great” is in the eye of the beholder. You can define someone as great if they stood on their own two feet, and never BSed anyone. You can say it’s great to be there for the people they care about. To start a family. You can also say it’s great to fully appreciate the wonders that life has to offer, whether you contribute to it or not. I concede that “great” in the competitive sense is not meant for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with being proud of that, especially if it means something to you, to be better than your competitors. If you build a house, better than any other, and I’ve never tried to build a house, then I should not be made to feel less-worthy of a human. If anything, greatness is achieving what you set out to achieve in life, and not necessarily achieving what few or no one else could.

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