Who’s Looking Out For the Lookout?

A lot of times I ask myself how would the child I was feel about the adult I grew up to be? As children, we’re caring and selfless but as we grow up and experience pain we feel our hearts begin to harden. However there are some people who escape this dreaded fate of adulthood.

These “people” have amazing spirits. They’re always looking out for everyone else. They’re wonderful to be around, mentally strong, and they give the best advice. It’s like they always know what to say, no matter what the problem is. What we forget is, in order to get an answer you usually have to solve said problem. Those “people” who haven’t hardened their hearts, those people always get the short end of the stick. Everybody assumes those people are always fine. No one ever checks on them. They look out for themselves. They obtain their wisdom by looking out for themselves. We need to treat those “people” better.

And if you are one of those people, never harden your heart. I understand you want people to have to same heart as you do but in real life that will never happen. You want people to reciprocate what it is that you give them. You want people to check on you. You want people to make sure you’re okay. Some one to give you advice. But you’re strong so no one ever thinks you need any of that. No one thinks you need help. So you ask yourself how am I supposed to be strong if no one is there for me when I am weak?

The superhero finds their strength in the weaknesses of the ones they’re here to save. We can’t all be superheroes. Just accept your place in the justice league. And if it becomes to much to bear, remember Batman took a break.



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