Too Much Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Thing


We all have that one friend, that spreads themselves waaayyyy too thin. The one whose minor has absolutely nothing to do with their major. The one that has way too many interests. (S)he dabbles in a bit of everything. The one that “does too much” . What if it’s not that they’re doing too much and you’re just not doing enough?

“I just want to be great” – Everyone

Well tell me how great do you really wanna be if you’re only focusing on one thing. Think of it like this, if you have five raffle tickets as opposed to just having one there’s a better chance of you winning. Now replace “raffle tickets” with “areas of expertise” and reread the sentence.

When most people think of Leonardo Da Vinci, their first thought is usually the Mona Lisa which is indefinitely his most notable piece of work. However Da Vinci was also an architect, mathematician, anatomist, musician, engineer and a writer. Thus making him the poster boy for polymaths (Renaissance men). Society likes the well rounded individual. Why else do you think we’re mandated to take electives that don’t have anything to do with whatever it is we go to school for?

Strive to be a Jack/Jane of a trades because one trick ponies get boring after a while. Encourage your polymath of a friend. Find your inner renaissance (wo)man. Fulfill all of interests . Besides wouldn’t you want to be in standings with Francis Bacon, Galileo, Michelangelo and Copernicus? Who knows, maybe we can start a renaissance of the renaissance.


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