Is it Really a Compliment ?


They say one of the keys to being happy is remembering that people’s perception of you isn’t any of your business. I find this to be quite funny. You see, we only apply this to people’s negative perceptions. What happens when their perceptions of you are positive? 

When perceptions are negative, they’re insults so your opinion doesn’t affect me. However, when they’re positive they’re compliments. I always found this to be very weird because either way these perceptions are only observations. Should I thank you for telling me I’m left handed or that my eyes are brown? . 

“You’re very intelligent”
“You’re gorgeous”
“You have an amazing voice” 

All of these are observations as well as opinions because they’re “positive”observations they become compliments. Upon receiving a compliment, you must thank the person who delivered it. Why is that? Explain why should I thank you for your opinion. Observations which arguably are not measurable

Society has said in order to remain happiest I must not be cognizant of others opinions of me, so shouldn’t I ignore said compliment? If one does thank the person praising them, they’re rude or arrogant. So should we start thanking people for insulting us as well? Or do we assault them for giving us flattering remarks? 

What is beautiful to you might be normalcy to someone else. Although you might be astonished by whatever is that you see, the individual who possesses it might be unmoved by it. More importantly that person might not care for the opinion of others. Don’t expect someone to thank you for your opinion, especially if they didn’t ask you. 


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