A New Outlook on Persistence

A seed can be sown anywhere and grow. However people think of plants being grown, they usually see the process as a fairly easy one. The plant would be in optimal conditions. Great soil, the exact amount of water and “perfect”amount of sunlight. They grow and flourish through this cultivation. But what if the plants that aren’t in the those environments?

We’ve all seen tiny plants growing in the weirdest places. Pushing through asphalt, concrete or any other substance humans put in it’s way.


Now imagine what it had to go to survive. Imagine how many twists and turns it had to make underground to make it to the surface. It did everything possible to make it to the sunlight. It definitely wasn’t as easy what the plant in the cultivated environment had to go through but it was worth the fight.

What I’m saying is have the mental toughness of a plant. No matter what happens or how many turns you have to make on your journey, no matter how uncomfortable your life becomes, keep fighting until you get to the surface. Be that rose that grows from the concrete. Remember it’s not about how long, but how well.


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