Where the Problem Lies: Communication Between the Sexes


Men don’t understand women. Women don’t understand men. That’s simply because we’re speaking different languages. Men speak logic and women speak in emotion.

Society tells women to raise their sons to be brave and strong. Never to appear to weak. Don’t cry. Don’t speak on how you feel. All things he does should lack emotion. In a sense, forcing males to forget the language in which females speak. Not saying men don’t have emotion they’re just trained not to use it.

Majority of women grow up thinking they’ll find a modern day Shakespearean man to sweep them off their feet. A man that will tell them things like “when I see sunflowers I think of you. The inside of the flower reminds me of your brown skin and the yellow petals is like the glow of the sun illuminating off of your beautiful skin”. Yet they want him to be a knight in shining armor. He has to provide protection and make them feel safe. Such actions require one to think logically. By the same token, when a woman finds the said knight, she expects him to put all that macho stuff to side, be gentle only for her and show emotion.

But how is that possible, when you teach your son to never show emotion? And the mothers of all men teach their sons the same thing?


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