The Dangers of Tunnel Vision


“No distractions.”

“I can’t see anything but my goal.”

Sounds great. You’re focused. Eyes on the target. But is it really a good idea to see only what’s in front of you?

Imagine you’re driving and only being able to l see what’s in front of you. Never looking left or right. Never checking your blind spot. Scary, right? Even worse you can’t switch lanes, because you can’t see anything but what’s ahead so switching lanes isn’t an option anymore. So you can’t exit this highway you call your life. Tunnel vision doesn’t sound so great now, does it ?

I’m not saying it’s not a good thing to have goals and a plan for our lives. If not we’d we wandering around aimlessly day in and day out. By the same token if your plan is too rigid that’s not good for business either. If you’re so focused on what’s ahead you can’t see what’s behind you meaning you can’t go back and fix a mistake.

When going through a tunnel you’re enclosed in a small space. Not have much room to go anywhere but straight ahead. You can’t try new things. There’s no way to find new hobbies or meet new people since you’ve locked yourself away from the rest of the world. So how you know what your real talents are if you never explore them because you’re so focused on one part of your life?

The worst part of being in a tunnel is you barely get reception. If you do, it’s of very poor quality. You can’t get any messages or receive any calls. So the messages you should be getting are coming through. Now you’re missing all of your callings for other things you could be making ventures in in life.

Moral of the story: Focus leads to blindness. If you’re focused on the North you can’t see what’s going on to the South of you. Or anything else for that matter. Don’t miss your exit because you forced yourself to stay in one lane.


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