So about “perfection” . . .


Pretty much everyone you have come in contact with knows how to use a dictionary. Have you ever wondered who came up with the words that are actually in the dictionary? Why did (s)he come up with the definition for the word? Who decided to listen these people in the first place?

I was taught if you cannot describe something to a six-year old, you do not really understand it. The defintion of perfect and some of it’s synonyms are shown above. How many times have seen anything that truly fit that definition? Can you honestly say that you would be able to describe “perfection” to a six-year old? Makes you wonder how many of the words we use are really even useful. The point I’m getting at is most of the words in a dictionary might not even be tangible. They’re probably only figments of our imagination. Thus leaving me to believe the only thing that truly exists is the imagination. Or maybe the only thing that IS perfect is the imagination. . .


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